Just Want to Introduce Myself in More Friendly Way

My alias name is Kyuukou Okami. Many people called me Oka or Kyuu. Kyokazuchan is only my alternative name when my major aliases had been taken by others. My real name is F. Ladiya and that the name I used to fill the ‘Author name’ coloumn when I write a story that has to published in book form.

Book? Yes, I love book. I love to read and write my imagination. I wanna be a book writer and used to write a story since I’m in elementary. My favourite genre is fantasy, pshychological horror, school life, and comedy. Now I kinda pause my activity as a(n amateur) writer for the shake of the academic activity. I wanna pass the exam so I can be college student of literary faculty in University of Indonesia!

Besides, I love music too. I love to play guitar altough my skill is far less than amateur stage, I think… I love to write a song too and I love singing, altough my voice is harsh and too embarassing to sing in front of many people.

I love design a cloth too! Especially lolita dress >w< Me and my bestie planned to biuld a lolita bouthique someday with our own brand name ‘Ladies Lucid Lexicon’ with us as the designer!

I’ve often claimed myself as a wolf instead of other animals. Wolf has reflect the complex combination between valority, gracefulness, firmness, and intelligence. I adore ever wolf for the attitude. Even though, you must be knew that the wolf often presented as the villain character in several stories, but that’s not the truth! I mean, they’re carnivour! And like any other carnivour such as lion. tiger, etc, they have to do the cruel way to live! But maybe they’re do it in too-clever so people often claimed them as cunning.

Okay, enough about wolfs.

Well, back to myself. Me… as you see, I’m a fangirl. A loud fangirl. Because I love book, music, film, game and many things, I warn you, I’ll talk about it A LOT. So don’t get bored! >:]

Oh yap! I live in Indonesia! I used english here because this in introduction so people worldwide can understand what I’m talking about. And to be honest, I want to practice my poor english. But i’ll no longer use full english. I’ll mostly use Bahasa Indonesia mixed with english, japanesse, and other languange (I don’t know much, but since I love learn foreign languages, some strange words will be typed!XD).

Welcome to wolfcafe! Enjoy and if you have an order, feel free to write it down! ^^