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After had a talk (it’s out of main topic actually XD) about dreams with my bestie, following towards her, I decided to write some of my dreams here. It’s mainly a foolish and imaginary dreams of a little girl, I’m a big dreamer as other little girl as well back then (the present too, to be honest XD).
The dreams are chronogicaly writen by the time I had it. The first-written dream is when I’m younger and the last one is my dream in present.

1. I Wanna be Sailormoon

well it’s Sailor Mercury actually, because Mizuno Ami is soooo smart, has a cool glasses and small PC. In my childhood time, mahou shoujou anime are very popular, and, who’s don’t know Bishoujou Senshi Sailor Moon?

2. I Wanna be a Ballerina
It’s quite embarrasing dream, maybe. But trust me, almost all little girl ever had this dream. Just like the boys wanted to be a pilot or racer when they was a little boy

3. I Wanna be an Artist
Because I loooooove drawing! Give me a large paper and give me some paint or drawing tool, and the little me (the big me too, honestly) will be quiet for some hours.

4. I Wanna be a Writer

Started when I’m about 2nd grade of elementary school, my aunt has a lot of books so if I make a visit, I’ve always grab some children-adventure books from her shelf to spend some hours with. She also often give me a book as a present either in my birthday or some my special event. When I grown up, I used to think that “Why I could only read if I can write my story too?”
So here I am, growing as a person who love and led so much by the books. There’s something so magical when you read a book you love and enjoy so much every words of it. It’s like our mind were absorbed to the other world and we make a great adventure alongside the character.
Maybe this is the one and only eternal dream of my life. I born to love books, read a books, and writing some (although it so hard to finish write even one =_=) books too. You can call me a Bookworm. I’m tottaly have no problem with that. Because this is the world I love.

5. I Wanna be an Astronom
You know, because it sooooo cool if we can see the stars, the meteors, the asteroids, and other space things that we can only seen obscured and in a extremely small portion in the night with naked eye. Actually it’s my brother’s dream. But the little me simply think that that is absolutely brilliant dream!!!
Now I kinda give up in this dream. Because when I enter the junior high school, I realize so many awful lesson that we have to learn. And to be an Astronom, I have to mastered all about science, and math, and kind of that. I’m not a typically student like Jimmy Neutron or Peter Parker so, well, you know what I think…
But that’s a cool dream, really.

6. I Wanna be a Mangaka
You know what manga is, isn’t you? Well in case you don’t know, Manga is what japan comic called. And the person who draw manga called Mangaka. So because I love the manga so much that time, I decided to learn alot to draw manga and, because mangaka or “komikus” (that’s what they called in Indonesia) in my country is so few, I decided to be one of them.
But then again, I realize there’s so much sacrifice if I want to dive seriously in that world. The times, the money, my lesson, and maybe my future too. So finally I decided to cancel it. Although then, I still drawing manga now, but my ability is lack so I just can draw some simple one.
This is the characters I used in my collaboration story contest in this early 2012

Yuki the Labyrinth Guardian
Raff the Vagabond

7. I Wanna be a Musician

Music is one of miracle thing in my life! It started so long time ago, but I realized it has an important role of my life when i befriends with persons who has ability in music in Junior High. Later I suggested that they’re must make a band, and surprisingly, they invite me too! Well the only instruments I can play is just pianica and Soprano Recorder. But from then I started to learn guitar and has a guitar as my 15th birthday present from my parent!
These days I have some interest in electric bass and still learn in otodidac.

My guitar, Harle-kun.
He’s already 3 years old now ❤ ❤ ❤

8. I Wanna be a Translator

This is one of my eternal dreams actually. Because this kind of proffesion always let me to dive in a pool of books and an ocean of beautiful words.

9. I Wanna be a Designer

This hobby is born when I starting love to draw manga. Me and my friend often use the lolita style of our character. So some years ago we decide to make a lolita boutique together with us as the main designer! We even named that future boutique! It is “Ladies Lucid Lexicon” or 3L, because we want our boutique to be the needed thing for girls as the microscop is needed for scientists.

The example of my design

That’s all.
Um, it’s not ‘All’ actually, but that’s all I can remember now.
Well, after writing it all, i’m just realized that mostly dream I have is related to art and literature. No wonder, because that’s the part I love of this world.

The world will feels so wonderful if we have so much dreams, isn’t it? We never too tired or too bored to do something we love. If we have goals to reach, all the things in our life will be so meaningful. But the one that you have to remember is: No matter how big the obstacles are, giving up your dreams is forbidden thing to do.

Ganbatte susume ga zettai koto da yo!
Dakara, kimi no yume wa nani?


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