My Blabber Side

Sometimes All You need is a Shoulder to Lean On

You can be strong, but don’t pretend to be strong.

It’s not a mistakes if you have to weak sometimes.

it’s not your fault if you burst in tears sometimes.

It’s nothing wrong if you can’t say anything.

Sometimes all you need is a shoulder to lean on.

Shoulder that make you feel safe.

It’s okay if you aren’t talk each other.

Because there’s something can’t be represent in a word.

In the end, the word are meaningless.

In the end, you just can say “Thank you”

But deep inside, you feel more.

Then you can stand up and smile again.

And act like there’s nothing happen before.


Friendship sometimes confusing.

But never waste your time to confuse it.

Let it happen, let if flow.

Feel the sourness, the bitterness, the sweetness



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