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I print some of my photograph several days ago. Well, I’m getting interested in Photography this lately. But after receive the print result, I don’t have so much time to do something about it.

The Sunrise I take in front of my house
The sunset I take in front of my college in the same day
The cloud I take on the motorcycle when the trafic light turns red

Then yesterday, I have many spare time since my two-weeks-maybe-more Holiday have been starting, I found this printed image in my desk, stacked with many books and papers. Suddenly the idea of Scrapbook came in my head. Well, I don’t have a books that made specially for scrapbook, I Just have a big Photo Album, so why not I try something new?

The photo album I got as a birthday present from my best friend

Then I started to something with colour paper, gold marker, glue, spidol, and tried to make something inside the coloumn of photo album.



It’s not important maybe, but it’s fun! Hahaha!Well next time I have to compile the pictures I take alongside the pictures of me and my friends and my life as a high school student (although it already past =_=) and as a college student with the new friends. Then the album will be something like my Life Gallery, won’t it? It so fun just to think about it! =D



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