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Kojiki, Nihon Shoki, and My New Project

It began when suddenly I got a revelation!!

So this is why it start. One afternoon, I (who is japan freak as well) leisurely search about the story of imperial of Japan. Then I found an article about Japan’s ancient literatures such as Kojiki and Nihon Shoki.


The left one is the cover of Kojiki published by Forgotten Books. Kojiki mainly tells about story of emperor and empress of Japan ancient imperial and poems by them related by mythology of Japan.

Nihon Shoki
Nihon Shoki

And the right one is the Nihon Shoki or often called Nihongi. Have a similar with Kojiki, but instead of tells a story related by mythology, it focused on the merits of the emperor and the empress.

I’ve ever made a historical-fantasy story about first empress of Japan before, so it not a new thing to see that title. But that time I just so deliberately not only take a glimpse about it but straighly searching about the book.
And I found Indonesian online bookstore that provide the book!!!
Check it out!!

Look at the price simply make me scream “AAAARRRGGGHHH!!! HOW CAN IT BE SO CHEAP?! I WANT IT! I.MUST.HAVE.IT!!!”

And then, suddenly the inspiration and revelation and ideas coming into my mind!!
I will write a novel, again! It’s already long time passed since I want to write a novel! I’m a type of writer that can be so fired in the beggining but in the end just leave my story off hand because I’ve already felt bored (HOW TROUBLESOME). But that time I want to write a story about Japan ancient empire. THAT’S IT.

Then I began to finding and finding what and who will be my title, my characters, my conflict, my setting, my readers, my purpose, my focus, and everything!

When, I stuck (again) about determine my details.


So that I push the “BELI” button on that site (I’ve already made an account before) and follow the steps. But when It come to the last step, when the total price reveals:


It rocketting soooooo baaaaaaddddd ╥╥﹏﹏╥╥

Thus I understand, the price before (the seems-so-cheap price) is just a price of book in the dollar when it transcurrencying into Indonesian Rupiah. The tax and shipment charge not included yet!! What a pity and harebrained and short-minded me!!!

But what can I do?! I must collecting my daily money from then. Maybe I could buy that book next month, or the month after. Why the world has to motoring by money???!!!!

By the way, the title of my project is “The Compendium of Rising Sun”
I planned to make a story with two main character that tells by both point of view. One of the character is miko which is focused on the fantasy and spiritual genre and other is the empress (I’m not deciding which empress yet) which is focused on historical genre. So it will make a balance about my historical-fantasy genre.

That’s all I can say! I’ve already decide the empress first, doing research about her, her background, time setting, conflict, and everything, but found that nothing seems to be so noteworthy in her reign so I decide to change my empress character.

GYAAAAAHHHH, whatever, I need to do moooooore research! But don’t worry, it’s fun though!

This is the video of Kagura I found on youtube! It seems so ethnic and interesting, isn’t it?

Credits to: franeymoon


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