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It’s not Fashion Madness, It’s DESIGN Madness

And that’s DIFFERENT.

View by Nevi kusuma
View by Nevi kusuma
Vintage Dior
VIntage DIor
Argyle and Oxford
Argyle and Oxford

But I just don’t understand why everything in my mind always make the paradox of itself.
I love the fashion design but I don’t into fashion. To be honest, I don’t care about what the latest trend, what the skirt style I must wear, what the colour of the season, what the must and what the must not.

I do everything I want, wear everything comfortable for me, and don’t care about how people look at me. Stuck with following trend sound like awfully unindependence, seems torturedful.

Although I’d never, it might be nice to draw the sketch of dress by ourself, search the exact fabric, choose the matching accessories, then sew it part by part from the minor to the massive one.
We can see it step by step metamorphose from the sheet of textile to the beautiful clothes. Might be like grow up the child where we could seen their growth day by day.



Paradise Kiss image 14


But don’t know what when I it comes to the model that wear that dress, my perpective become subjective.
I don’t like the modelling world. Somehow I not feel it right. I think everyone have to be shown just how they really are. Masking their face with thick make up, wear the clothes they told to wore, thus swaying around as how they told to, It just like a doll in my eyes.




Burberry Prorsum Catwalk - London Fashion Week


It would be some paradox isn’t it, if i enjoy designing but hate to see how the models are dresses up?


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