My Fashion Madness Side

Fashion Syndrome (?)

Remember when i said that i’m not into fashion?
Then would you like to help me search the name of this madness??!!

I’m kinda person who put up things to wear recklessly. My running shoes is dull and totally out of date and my flats is cute but has been out with me for so long. Sometimes I love to dresses boyish with coiled-sleeves tartan jacket or maxi shirt, t-shirt, jeans and snickers, sometimes I wanna play more my girly side with blouse, slight belt, pink cardigan, jeans, and flats.

But you see, there’s sooooo many JEANS everyday!!

So here I am, lusting and craving for some chiffon skirt. It’s cute and wearable enough for me off to the college day, rite? Just put collared shirt, satchel bag, short socks, and sneakers, then there I go!


Also, I craving more for high heels!! Yes, guys, it HEELS!! TBH, I’m not a little tiny short girl, I’m 163cm tall. kinda tall enough for girl in my age and my country. But when I stand in the middle of a crowd of people and could see only few heads soar taller than everyone (and more than me, seriously) i just wandering what it feels like to grow taller. I could see more than everyone could then, 😛
And also, womens leg often seems more beautiful if they use wedges or heels.
It just our instinct to show up prettier unreasonable, right gurls?

And last, i would like some LIPSTICK!! what kind of badass coquettish girl posess me?! Well, to be honest, when I was a little girl, seeing a girl who put up a fringed dress and lipstick never fail to show up more lady-like and I want to be kind of lady too!!

Eternal-Rose_pack-shotlakme lip love lipstickpinkLipstickHeart

There there, after read my blabberthings, could you speculate what syndrome I suffer??