My Fashion Madness Side

New Closet Comer and New Waiting List Comer…

My mother said that “Never buy shoes online.”

It’s clear because you can’t fitting with your feet and the size of shoe is not an universal. Somehow it depends on the materials and models. So, let’s say that you’re 39, you probably got that 39 size but not exact with your feet size. So I kinda think that mother is true.But.



So I decided to buy it and waiting for it arrived in my home!!

So long, so long my dream Flute~

Kinda sad…

I’ve wanted to buy a flute, not a 1st class one that the price so rocket-high that I can’t afford, but the almost-almost-last class one that, at least could make a sound and easy to play for beginner.

But, well, that’s a concert instrumen for God sake, so the last class one had a high prices too. Then, my saving for the dream flute is just 1/10 but it just swiped away because I currently having this fashion-madness thingy.

Well, dearest Persephone (the name I planned for the future silver flute), you just have to be new comer of my waiting-list!



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