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Music Review: Nibun no Ichi by Back-On

Luckily, Back-On has released their single after so long time waiting! I haven’t review any music in this blog, right? So since I’ve just downloaded this, I’ll review it a little right away! But, pardon me first of all. I’m not that expert-level kind in music nor that I understand music so this is maybe subjective and had so many mistakes, then!

cover 1

Title: Nibun no Ichi/INFINITY
Artist: Back-On
Release Date: 6.11.2013
Tracklist: 1. Nibun No Ichi

1. Nibun no Ichi
Opened with some of the stringish-melodic and buzzing effect by keyboard synthesizer, and continued by the soft high-pitched voice that always so soft just like voice of backsinger in my ear, not so dominant but noticable, added by some short rap in the pre-chorus. And the chorus just flowing nicely with such clear sounds, not too much crowds, such relaxing song in Andante range. I personaly love the music that have a repeated melody. The guitar play some arpeggio but not a big rush in bridge. The whole song used the effect of keyboard synth and clear beat. Actually it’s not really a striking opening for a title of single. But, well, they make it quite good.

The synth effect they use just like retro as disco-ing song. The guitar strum is crunchy! Clapping part in verse is quite interesting. I love the bridge part when the song is all drum hihat-kick part and strumming effect and when it combined together with vocal while the strum just going-here-and-there behind. More energetic while played in Allegro, such a bouncing song to hear #dances

Basically, it doesn’t have any different from their any other songs that I had hear. They still play in their line, their style, and not too much exploring to other style and do some experiments. Although it’s still yummy to hear, as their other song too, and somehow the melody keep stick in my mind. I like the second song more than the first. But the A side is still nice to hear as well.

I give ♥♥♥♥ of ♥♥♥♥♥ for Nibun no Ichi by Back-On.


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