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Well Balance

Errr…. This??


Hoho, I mean well balance, not New Balance :p

Sorry for not posting anything these days. Wake up in dark morning, then go to the college, study until 3 PM and do this and that in the student organization until 8 PM and arrive home very late and still have to make the assignments and study for the sudden quiz and chemical practice tommorow, phew, I just don’t have proper energy to open the laptop…

In addition, my college would celebrate Dies Natalis and altough we had a permition from the lecturer and the dean, we have to prepare and make everything all by ourself. From the smallest part into the bigger one, so everyone in the organization is obviously buuuuuuussssy! I’m part of Program Section so, well, my life is really at rush.

My college is type of college that the students always bring home mountains of material to be memorized, books to be learnt, chemical practices report to be written, and many things more that you can’t have a proper sleeptime in the night. And it’s so hard to do even without joining the student organization where you have to sacrificing time and brain and energy and many things.

But hey, I just realize now that I do it both good! My assignments done like what it have to be, and I do well in the organization too! Not to proud myself, I just surprised by how big human’s power to do what they want to do. Sometimes if you think “No, no, I can’t do this.” You just have to go through it then you’ll be surprised by how well you done it already!

You’re strong, no matter what.
Even that sometimes you’re crying and whinning and feel like everything is enough. That just a short ‘pause’ of your life before you press the ‘play’ button and live you life better than before.

Being balanced is hard too. But this is the way: Do everything in the right time.
Do what you have to do, do what you want to do, but everything has it’s time, so your task is just place it on it’s time.


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