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What’s The New Year Eve All About…

Tonight I have to study and memorizing bunch and mountains of pages to face my final written and practical exam next week but I end up going crazy because the noisy sounds of horns and fireworks!! GRRRRR!!!

There there, it happen too often every year. Not about the studying matter (which is, when I recall, it really happened too last year =__=) but about the NYE euphoria. I always think that people who celebrate the NYE always that kind of fool. Blowing the horn recklessly, throw up the party extravagantly, being too happy for nothing. It feel like they just search an excuse for celebrating something nonsense. Pity.

New year eve is the right time for thinking of what you’ve been through the year, evaluate how well you’ve been improved, how big you made steps, compile both cleared and uncleared targets, and re-planning for future year. If you just blowing the horn and firework and BBQ-ing around the town, then you get nothing.

And it disturbing too, really.

I never sent new year greetings SMS nor reply the SMSes sent to me, forgive me guys. In exchange, I usually sent certain people about my evaluation and new resolution. But this year feel like I don’t want to do both. My resolution is MY resolution. Kinda private this time. Hehehe *peace*

PS: Found a wonderful blog by Japanese girl that consist her picture in levitation. Here!! Go peek her here!!! Just by seeing her pic, I feel so…peaceful. I can feel the independent and passion and….. ah I just felt blown away to my wonderland! Such a masterpiece and genius!! But sadly she just stop blogging by 2011? Really? OH DEAR….. 😦 😦 😦


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The Last Word

I’m not typical person who easily give my faith and take other person as my best friend or important person for me. So if it really happens, then you should be so special for me. But if you just keep dissapoint me, even that I’ve forgiving and be patient all the time, I could just go on and never come back to you anymore.

So this is the song all about. I usually write a song in english or japanese, and this is the first song I wrote in Bahasa Indonesia. I’ve wrote it so long ago, but these days I kinda feeling this is the perfect soundtrack since I decided to forget them.

I’ve made the complete guitar chords and bridge riff too, but I’m not uploaded it because the lack of recording installation.

Excuse my messy voice and, yes, this song is special for YOU, my DEARESTS.

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Turning New

The year is just counting the days. I’ve just keep thinking so many things this lately. For everything happen with me, with other, with people around me, with my environment, with almost everything. Many of it are not important things, maybe.

Too many things happen with me this year. I’m not feel the same, I’ve changed.
I broke, I got up, I failed, I made it up, I withered, I bloomed.
I progressing so well, along with my failure and everything I’ve learnt.
It’s so wonderful to live a living like this. I finally got a chance to do many new things. I finally knew myself more better than it ever been. My passion and hope are much clearer. The obstacles are come and sometimes never go, the path sometimes lost and hard to find, but my finish line never blurred again. I just doing right and stable, even it so hard. If it turn like that, then I might be in the right way of what Allah plans for me, right?

And I think about my future for the kazillion times. People said that “what you wanted is not always the best for you.” But they just don’t know who you really are, they just talk nonsense, believe me. And I’ve decided it. I could reach for it, I never let everyone distract the path I’ve choosed.

I’ve still working on arranged my plans and target for the next year. But I won’t reveal it here because it kinda private, hehehe. Thus, since the word “Resolution” is kinda common, I just replace my own with the new word: 2014 Plans Compendium. Hahaha! How well I could be nonsense sometimes, yes?

PS: Irish pop song attract my ears more this lately. Can’t stop listening these ❤

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Went to Bandung yesterday with family to visit relatives that I just known they’re apparently exist. Well, the family tree from father line and mother line both are so wide and complicated so I often get lost of who they really are. Some of them work abroad, that they changed their nationality from Indonesia into Canada.

I have three of expatriate cousins whose father is Austrian. They’re Mikhael, a typical IT-mad handsome-little-boy; Shireen, a stubborn pretty-little-girl; and Aisyah, the clever baby who loved by all. They’re study in German International School and talk both in Sundanese, Bahasa Indonesia, Germany, and English. With them, I’m just chit-chating and talking in Japanese. HOHOHOHO (ga mau kalah)

I just get jealous easily when heard their story of vacation around Europe (Amsterdam, Paris, Wina, German) and Canada. I’ve always always always wanted to go abroad, even it for study or just vacation. So then I promise I’ll take my family on vacation around Japan and Europe someday. AMIN! Please help me come it true, Ya Allah..

PS: My body never feeling well since around 3-4 weeks ago. I often feel massive headache, terrible nausea, and worst body heat. Is there anybody know what’s wrong with me? Because I have to go on 3-nights-sleepover event in Puncak with BEM-J and DPM-j tomorrow until sunday and my body have to goes well!!

PS again: my blog have reached 3k and more view! Thanks everyone!! I feel so delight!!


But from now on, could you just leave your steps? In the form of comment or maybe a single click to “Follow” or “Like”? Wanna interact more with you all! Let’s be friend! ^_^

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Safe the Animal for Balanced Life

It happen in this morning when I watch the morning news while take my breakfast. There’s one of headlines that investigate the wild hunt and trade of protected animal, especially Harimau Sumatera. The screen repeatedly show the scenes of hollow fur and tusk of dead tiger as the suspected of that wild hunt got captured by the police and still many who could release. Suddenly I just realized that I had soaked by tears. Yes, I always bursting out a cry so bad when I see the news of crime to the animals. I just got my heart broke into pieces when I have to see that painful reality.

Human is greed. It just because the need of glamour and lux genuine fur clothes, money, prestige, they just sacrificing the life and future of other God’s creature. Animal has a life too. They might be not living by heart, as us, human. They live by instinct. But that don’t mean they can’t feel fear, pain, sad, depress, and traumatic. They’re are living creatures too!! They just want to life peacefully, like us human. How could many people evade this?!

I believe that God has made the earth and entire solar system so balanced. With right dose of plants, animals, and human, who have to keep it. But when one just tried to destroying another, thus the earth won’t be balanced anymore. We could lost so many things. Maybe for other human, who live in big city can’t feel this effect straightly, but for people who life in wild nature, who touch reality directly, it could be a big change (I learn it from Wolf Totem, big thanks to that wonderful book).

So please, for you all, could you just spend your heart for this things? Being caring for other creatures is not a hard thing, I swear. They just wanna good life too, they have their rights to survive too. Just like you.





kasus air hitam tiger_small

Kulit harimau jantan_panjang 170 cm




I can’t stop crying while uploading all the pictures.

This handout picture shows Sumatran tige

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Remember yesterday I said I wanna paint roses? There, there, I don’t know that using pallete knife apparently that hard so the accidents happen here and there (not to tell that my head too chaos to do anything) thus my canvas became disaster! 😦

Finally when I finished paint two BLACK roses (yes, Black, because the paint faded so badly -_-) I decided to change everything to safe my 40×40 big canvas. Well, it too expensive to left alone ugly with that failed roses.

Guess what, in the end, I paint fullmoon. Again, yes.


Hanged in the wall :)
Hanged in the wall 🙂
I hang my fullmoon on the top of my reminder board
I hang my fullmoon on the top of my reminder board

Don’t know why I love dark colour pictures more than light one, it occur for everything. Whether it book cover to simply my phone wallpaper. And, am I just this obsessed by fullmoon?

Yes, fullmoon always has magic inside.

PS: Currently mentally and pshycically chaotic but have to face this all.