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What’s The New Year Eve All About…

Tonight I have to study and memorizing bunch and mountains of pages to face my final written and practical exam next week but I end up going crazy because the noisy sounds of horns and fireworks!! GRRRRR!!! There there, it happen too often every year. Not about the studying matter (which is, when I recall,… Continue reading What’s The New Year Eve All About…

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The Last Word

I’m not typical person who easily give my faith and take other person as my best friend or important person for me. So if it really happens, then you should be so special for me. But if you just keep dissapoint me, even that I’ve forgiving and be patient all the time, I could just… Continue reading The Last Word

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Turning New

The year is just counting the days. I’ve just keep thinking so many things this lately. For everything happen with me, with other, with people around me, with my environment, with almost everything. Many of it are not important things, maybe. Too many things happen with me this year. I’m not feel the same, I’ve… Continue reading Turning New

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Safe the Animal for Balanced Life

It happen in this morning when I watch the morning news while take my breakfast. There’s one of headlines that investigate the wild hunt and trade of protected animal, especially Harimau Sumatera. The screen repeatedly show the scenes of hollow fur and tusk of dead tiger as the suspected of that wild hunt got captured… Continue reading Safe the Animal for Balanced Life