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JLPT Today

What? A test? In my rest-day-supposed-to-be?! Then what the hell I thought I’m currently doing these days when I fill the form back in September?! Lying around in bed and hear music?!

I woke up in a heavy heart this day. Well, my heart still broken and last night I have to woke up until very late to made up chem report and I still have to woke up early today?! But there I go, took a long shower after had a shubuh pray and I dressed up so well today to light up my mood again. I didn’t intend to study even a bit, so I just brought the book I borrow from college library yesterday (book about how to be an enterpreneur :P).

The train is not vacant, but there’s a good guy gave a seat for me πŸ™‚ Then I just pressed the play button on my playlist (for you, broken-hearter, excellent playlist is A MUST). Skip until I reached the exam place in Universitas Darma Persada. It still so quiet. Gosh, I came up too early! Just sat in front of closed-class for two hours, with so many people around me noisy chit-chatting and studying and open up the exercise question booklet, I just: “OH MY GOD. They’re so prepared! Look at me! I don’t even tried to memorized even one piece of kanji!!”

Then the JLPT is started. FYI, I took N4 course of JLPT, I skiped N5 because I think that would be so easy that I couldn’t feel so challenged and it wouldn’t be so fun anymore (HALAH!) (Forgive my snob please :))

The first part is vocabulary. Surprisingly, it came up soooooooo easy TBH!! I have to checked up for so many times that my question booklet is N4, not N5! I’m not so pleased, I astonished instead! Is all N4 questions are so easy like this? Or I got the wrong questions? But it written “N4” for sure!

Then the second is Grammar and reading. Well, in every language, even for my own country language, I always so lack in grammar, so I found this part is possible to do but also so ambiguous. I’m in between the dillema =_=
But the reading part, well, finally! I know that is N4 for surely sure!! I’m totally lost. +______+
So the last part is listening section, which is I’m sure for half part and doubt the other part.

There’s not an interesting thing I met up after, nor in the way back home, so I decided to go home soon. What a “garing” day…….
Well, at least I’ve done one of my “One Hundred Hope” list and my “Resolusi 2013” today, so there’s nothing to regret for.

Somehow I think there’s no way I could passed the exam, but still curious for the result in March 2014!! πŸ™‚

PS : My big brother finally got his first own salary and he treat me money!! Can’t remember when the last he’d so kind and lovely enough to give me a gift! Oh, yes, the last he so kind to me is when he gave me a cute t-shirt as gift from his trip to Yogyakarta last year! Thank you so much, brother! I’ll treasure this money to buy NICO Touches the Walls no BEST Limited Edition with DVD February next year! That would be so costly but also worth it!

NICO Touches the Walls no BEST Header
NICO Touches the Walls no BEST Header
There he goes, after I forget him for a while, with a new guitar. Wait, is that Gretsch??
There he goes, after I forget him for a while, with a new guitar. Wait, is that Gretsch??

Check the DVD Teaser out!! Just a single glimpse of it, I’ve decided to buy the album right away! I’m so in loooove with him again….β™₯β™₯β™₯
DVD “Walls Is (re)Beginning” (Teaser)

nico best.mp4_000115115

PS 2: Feel like read Harry Potter of all the sudden πŸ™‚


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