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Not in Mood

That’s why I keep blogging. Just want to blabbering out all the things. My vision of many things had changes, nowadays. Something that I used to don’t like, now is one of thing that I keep spazzing around. Something other that I usually do, now I just threw it out nowhere. Is that a sign that I had grown up already?? Then, is that a bad thing or good thing? I can’t help but depressing so many things. I’m just an escapist these days, used to escape to my other world and stuck there before I nagged by everybody to comeback.

OOT!! It’s just me late on realizing it or the Candy Bag had cuteness overload nowadays? It something too adorable yet yummy that I feel like to chew chew chew and swallow it!!!! AAARRRGGGGHHHH >w<


url 2

url 3

Since mother is a huge fan of bags, gonna spazzing after mother to buy it, I think? 😛

PS: Willing to search a new colour for polish my nails! Need something transparent and glittery like that Candy Bags!! ♥♥♥


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