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Mood is Good :)

Went to stationery store yesterday with a friend and got myself this white colour acrylic paint!! I’ve been craving for painting from so long, but since I’ve running out of white since that’s the colour I exactly use most for everytime I’m painting. And now I got a bigger one!!!



I’ve wanted to paint something like this in some 30×20 big canvas and hang in on my room. I’m so hyped 😀

"Tsuki" single cover by FLOWER FLOWER
“Tsuki” single cover by FLOWER FLOWER

But since I have no canvas, I just tried to paint in my mini sketchbook, just tried to stretch my finger and brush (that sadly some of it had been gone nowhere :()

My own "Tsuki"
My own “Tsuki”

Not a great, I know. My skill is lack that I don’t take it as a skill. I just have to learn moooooooree!!

Well, today won’t be classes so I decided to lazying around and read….Probably Harry Potter? Believe it or not, but I haven’t read Half-Blood Prince 😛

PS: Found that medicine that my lil’ brother use for cough is ultimately cuteeeeee!!!! I won’t be mind to analyze this cute medicine.

It contains Ephedrine
It contains Ephedrine

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