My Blabber Side

Safe the Animal for Balanced Life

It happen in this morning when I watch the morning news while take my breakfast. There’s one of headlines that investigate the wild hunt and trade of protected animal, especially Harimau Sumatera. The screen repeatedly show the scenes of hollow fur and tusk of dead tiger as the suspected of that wild hunt got captured by the police and still many who could release. Suddenly I just realized that I had soaked by tears. Yes, I always bursting out a cry so bad when I see the news of crime to the animals. I just got my heart broke into pieces when I have to see that painful reality.

Human is greed. It just because the need of glamour and lux genuine fur clothes, money, prestige, they just sacrificing the life and future of other God’s creature. Animal has a life too. They might be not living by heart, as us, human. They live by instinct. But that don’t mean they can’t feel fear, pain, sad, depress, and traumatic. They’re are living creatures too!! They just want to life peacefully, like us human. How could many people evade this?!

I believe that God has made the earth and entire solar system so balanced. With right dose of plants, animals, and human, who have to keep it. But when one just tried to destroying another, thus the earth won’t be balanced anymore. We could lost so many things. Maybe for other human, who live in big city can’t feel this effect straightly, but for people who life in wild nature, who touch reality directly, it could be a big change (I learn it from Wolf Totem, big thanks to that wonderful book).

So please, for you all, could you just spend your heart for this things? Being caring for other creatures is not a hard thing, I swear. They just wanna good life too, they have their rights to survive too. Just like you.





kasus air hitam tiger_small

Kulit harimau jantan_panjang 170 cm




I can’t stop crying while uploading all the pictures.

This handout picture shows Sumatran tige


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