My Blabber Side


Went to Bandung yesterday with family to visit relatives that I just known they’re apparently exist. Well, the family tree from father line and mother line both are so wide and complicated so I often get lost of who they really are. Some of them work abroad, that they changed their nationality from Indonesia into Canada.

I have three of expatriate cousins whose father is Austrian. They’re Mikhael, a typical IT-mad handsome-little-boy; Shireen, a stubborn pretty-little-girl; and Aisyah, the clever baby who loved by all. They’re study in German International School and talk both in Sundanese, Bahasa Indonesia, Germany, and English. With them, I’m just chit-chating and talking in Japanese. HOHOHOHO (ga mau kalah)

I just get jealous easily when heard their story of vacation around Europe (Amsterdam, Paris, Wina, German) and Canada. I’ve always always always wanted to go abroad, even it for study or just vacation. So then I promise I’ll take my family on vacation around Japan and Europe someday. AMIN! Please help me come it true, Ya Allah..

PS: My body never feeling well since around 3-4 weeks ago. I often feel massive headache, terrible nausea, and worst body heat. Is there anybody know what’s wrong with me? Because I have to go on 3-nights-sleepover event in Puncak with BEM-J and DPM-j tomorrow until sunday and my body have to goes well!!

PS again: my blog have reached 3k and more view! Thanks everyone!! I feel so delight!!


But from now on, could you just leave your steps? In the form of comment or maybe a single click to “Follow” or “Like”? Wanna interact more with you all! Let’s be friend! ^_^


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