My Blabber Side

Turning New

The year is just counting the days. I’ve just keep thinking so many things this lately. For everything happen with me, with other, with people around me, with my environment, with almost everything. Many of it are not important things, maybe.

Too many things happen with me this year. I’m not feel the same, I’ve changed.
I broke, I got up, I failed, I made it up, I withered, I bloomed.
I progressing so well, along with my failure and everything I’ve learnt.
It’s so wonderful to live a living like this. I finally got a chance to do many new things. I finally knew myself more better than it ever been. My passion and hope are much clearer. The obstacles are come and sometimes never go, the path sometimes lost and hard to find, but my finish line never blurred again. I just doing right and stable, even it so hard. If it turn like that, then I might be in the right way of what Allah plans for me, right?

And I think about my future for the kazillion times. People said that “what you wanted is not always the best for you.” But they just don’t know who you really are, they just talk nonsense, believe me. And I’ve decided it. I could reach for it, I never let everyone distract the path I’ve choosed.

I’ve still working on arranged my plans and target for the next year. But I won’t reveal it here because it kinda private, hehehe. Thus, since the word “Resolution” is kinda common, I just replace my own with the new word: 2014 Plans Compendium. Hahaha! How well I could be nonsense sometimes, yes?

PS: Irish pop song attract my ears more this lately. Can’t stop listening these ❤


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