My Blabber Side

What’s The New Year Eve All About…

Tonight I have to study and memorizing bunch and mountains of pages to face my final written and practical exam next week but I end up going crazy because the noisy sounds of horns and fireworks!! GRRRRR!!!

There there, it happen too often every year. Not about the studying matter (which is, when I recall, it really happened too last year =__=) but about the NYE euphoria. I always think that people who celebrate the NYE always that kind of fool. Blowing the horn recklessly, throw up the party extravagantly, being too happy for nothing. It feel like they just search an excuse for celebrating something nonsense. Pity.

New year eve is the right time for thinking of what you’ve been through the year, evaluate how well you’ve been improved, how big you made steps, compile both cleared and uncleared targets, and re-planning for future year. If you just blowing the horn and firework and BBQ-ing around the town, then you get nothing.

And it disturbing too, really.

I never sent new year greetings SMS nor reply the SMSes sent to me, forgive me guys. In exchange, I usually sent certain people about my evaluation and new resolution. But this year feel like I don’t want to do both. My resolution is MY resolution. Kinda private this time. Hehehe *peace*

PS: Found a wonderful blog by Japanese girl that consist her picture in levitation. Here!! Go peek her here!!! Just by seeing her pic, I feel so…peaceful. I can feel the independent and passion and….. ah I just felt blown away to my wonderland! Such a masterpiece and genius!! But sadly she just stop blogging by 2011? Really? OH DEAR….. 😦 😦 😦



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