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February Please Come Fast!

Released on February 5th, I can’t wait my CD arrived!!! Oh yeah, still 2 to 3 more weeks for it shipping, but I can’t stop thinking about it these days!! And YES, I’m just in love with Mitsumura Tatsuya AGAIN and AGAIN. I’m going so helpless…….. Oh, and speaking about Tatsuya, I just got crazy… Continue reading February Please Come Fast!


Half More And It’s Done

It’s feels like years I’ve been study and study everyday for practical exams and apparently it’s just a half! Still two subjects to go and somehow it freaking me out because of the endless endless endless books to be learnt and memorized and I just started to frustrate. But then I realize although it’s just… Continue reading Half More And It’s Done

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Book Review: Sang Pemimpi

Title: Sang Pemimpi Author: Andrea Hirata Publisher: Gramedia Pustaka Utama, Cetakan Ketiga April 2012 I guess I can’t really do such hiatus thing…. ORZ Well, I coincidentally use the gap of the practical exams to… READ NOVELS! (Beside blogging and browsing of course…) Just to relax my mind and soul in case they’re dryyyyyy……. My… Continue reading Book Review: Sang Pemimpi