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Something Called…”Cassette”?

I turn to listening ENCORE SHOW all day over and over again! It so much reminding me of how fun to listening song right from CD! Just realized listening from MP3 or MP4 or IPOD or other music playlist make listening music so less fun!! Aaaaaaand it turns out reminding me cassette!! Yes, that vintage thing!!

I remembered I’ve ever spazzing over Linkin Park when I was in junior high school because my brother used to sing their “Numb” song all over again and he tought me that they are a great band. So I just bought their Meteora album right away and surprisingly they are so so soooo great as big bro said! Then it comes just that I buy and buy again their album and I coincidently knew the other artist as Avril Lavigne and Fort Minor and Blink 182 as well when I spazzing Linkin Park section in music store, and I bought them too. And that times, CD’s not so popular, we usually using cassette to hear music.

But you see, cassette player are out this ages and no longer exist everywhere! Ah, I really miss listening them right from the cassette 😦 😦


Actually I was had many of these, but the Linkin Park’s Meteora album is taken by big bro and he don’t wanna release it. Maybe that one is his favorite among the favorite? 😦
I had some of Avril Lavigne cassettes too but…where did it gone, huh? 0.0a

So just this is left.
Sad sad sad 😦


I need cassette player soooo baaaaaaddddd 😦 😦

Talk about Linkin Park, I seen they’re apparently released newest album?! RECHARGED!! Want it sooooo bad toooo….
Or maybe I have to buy it as birthday present for my big brother five month ahead? He’ll delighted, yes?



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