Endless Row of January – February Rush

Am I ever told you that I had final exams starting next week? Theeeeeere I should have to study but in fact, I can’t study properly! Can’t imagine how my result would come….

I kinda have this addiction of internet and blogging yet I couldn’t help my self to be better on studying, then I decided to be on hiatus for two months!! Praaaaaaaayyyy for meeee!!!!

And for you who will face the exam rush too, especially if you’re study in chemical or pharmacy majors like me, please be prepared yourself for the practical exams too. (I have FOUR practical exams in FOUR row of weeks OMG =_____=)

And for you who will face pharmacognosy practical exam (especially for the 1st semester on my college), here I’ve wrote last year when I face that exam. Hope it will help you a lot because it was a lot of help for me too!

一所懸命頑張ろう !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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