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Headline Slashes

I know, I know, I’ve said to be hiatus! But there’s something important to shared with you guys! This afternoon just back from the college, I watched news randomly and it currently show news about Kebun Binatang Surabaya. I just recall it straight about petition I read and signed in about it, written by Melanie Subono (THANKS A LOT MISS :]) I remember I got so shocked and angry and frustrated about it and share that petition everywhere. And it finally could reach big mass media on TV thus they showed up these petition!!

I couldn’t be more reassuring. I mean, after so long time many people struggling through this way. But what I regreted is, why it have to take so long time???? I remember signed the petition one year ago, maybe more, but it just caught up people eyes now, NOW, when there’s so many animals die in KBS already, I mean, does it feel we’re little late? They should have to be saved if people recognized it early!

But, afterall, I’m so reassured now… Phew…

Ps: Watched the news about economy too, I’m so shocked in fact so many phrases I can’t understand there! “Bursa Efek”, “BI rate”, “Lot Size”, “Fraksi Harga”, Investor Summit”, “Indeks Pasar”, and kazillion mooooreee!!! It turn me out to wanting learn economy!! Well, I always thought that we have not to be so picky for learning something. You maybe love one or several subject, like art or literature, but you have to learn everything too! Just because you’re economist never think you don’t need to learn GI tract, or even you’re scientist, doesn’t mean that you don’t have to learn sociology! If we learn everything and have a wide range of knowledge, we could be open-minded person that bring inspiration for people around. Thus, life could be called wonderful if everything is balanced, right?


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