Half More And It’s Done

It’s feels like years I’ve been study and study everyday for practical exams and apparently it’s just a half! Still two subjects to go and somehow it freaking me out because of the endless endless endless books to be learnt and memorized and I just started to frustrate.

But then I realize although it’s just reached half, I’m doing a good half. Allah had help me a lot that I can’t thanked Him enough. Alhamdulillah… And I realized grumbling it’s not the way to grateful. It’s not “Still half more” but it’s “Just half more”

Anyway, Like my post of pharmacognosy, actually I wanna post my practical exam theories here, in case some of you need it. And it would be helpful for me though, that through writing will be such like reviewing for me. But my exam materials are too maaaaaaany as seems it would take teenies or twenties posts. I don’t want my blog turn into chemical blog then!!! So I would just mention it here and if you pleased, you could ask me right away to my email, and it will be written in Bahasa Indonesia.

The menus is heree!!

  • Praktikum Fitokimia
    1. Skrining Flavonoid dan Steroid Simplisia Sida rhombifolia
    2. Skrining Alkaloid dan Saponin Simplisia Momordica charantia / Tinospora crispa
    3. Skrining Tanin dan Steroid Simplisia Sida rhombifolia
    4. Skrining Glikosida dan Saponin Simplisia Psidium guajava

  • Praktikum Teknologi Analisa Elektrokimia
    1. Penetapan Kadar Asam Asetat dalam Cuka Makan secara Potensiometri
    2. Penetapan Kadar Povidonii Iodii secara Potensiometri

  • Praktikum Teknologi Analisa Kromatografi
    1. Pemisahan KMnO4 dan K2CR2O4 Secara Kromatografi Kolom
    2. Pemisahan Zat Warna dalam Minuman Secara Kromatografi Kertas
    3. Pemisahan Senyawa Parasetamol, Salisilamida, dan Kofeina dalam Obat secara Kromatografi Lapis Tipis
    4. Pemisahan Senyawa Diazepam dan Klordiazepoksida secara Kromatografi Lapis Tipis Dua Dimensi
    5. Identifikasi Senyawa Nipagin dan Nipasol dalam Kosmetik secara Spektrofotodensitometri

  • Praktikum Teknologi Analisa Fisika
    1. Penetapan Indeks Bias Zat Cair dengan Abbe Refractometer
    2. Penetapan Jarak Lebur Zat Padat dengan Totoli Aparatus
    3. Penetapan Bobot Jenis Zat Cair dengan Piknometer
    4. Penetapan Bobot Jenis Zat Cair dengan Densimeter
    5. Penetapan Kadar Kloroform dalam Limbah Kloroform dengan Destilasi
    6. Penetapan Kekentalan Zat Cair dengan Viscosimeter Oswald
    7. Penetapan Rotasi Jenis Zat Cair dengan Polarimeter

    Feel free to ask me out! πŸ˜€

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