My Fangirl Side

February Please Come Fast!

Released on February 5th, I can’t wait my CD arrived!!!
Oh yeah, still 2 to 3 more weeks for it shipping, but I can’t stop thinking about it these days!!


And YES, I’m just in love with Mitsumura Tatsuya AGAIN and AGAIN.

I’m going so helpless……..

Oh, and speaking about Tatsuya, I just got crazy over K-MOVIE “Going By The Book” !!!


It has really funny-but-clever story and unpredictable plot, thus the main actor, Jung Jae-yeong, is just look similar with Tatsuya!!!!! I’m going so hype that I downloaded it and watched it all over again this week!!!

Going By The Book.rmvb_snapshot_00.02.23_[2014.01.31_22.59.38]

Just agree with me that they just look similar, yes?! I think if Tatsuya have more ages he will be just look like Jung Jae-Yeong.

Anyway, can’t wait until the end of February!!


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