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来た !!!!!!!

I’ve just gone through the most terrible-hardest-mentaltesting practical exam, Chromatography!!! This is basically the hardest practical exam in this semester, even, in my lifetime of college by now. So many frustrating-and-sleepless nights I went through that feels like I have no time to think about other things! But the worst is, I don’t know whether I passed it or not because the announcement will be on tuesday and it means sooooo long time waiting!! Oh my…

Now I know why majors such like chemical, medical, pharmacy, nurse, and something similars is so so so so soooo HARD! Why? Because we NOT JUST have to face stressfull week(s) of written exams like any other majors! Instead, we have to face BOTH written and practical exams, which is the practical exam basically mooooooore harder and frustrating than written exams. We’re not just study and memorizing the theory and write it blah blah blah on the sheets, but AFTER THAT, we have to praticing what we have wrote, in the laboratorium. And I tell you, IT’S NOT EASY AT ALL.

Ah, just remember, I’m not blog to talk about it… (Now you know how frustrated I am, huh?)

Instead, I blog for this!!!!

My Nico Touches the Walls no Best Limited CD had arrived!!!! Yaaaaayyy!!!
My Nico Touches the Walls no Best Limited CD had arrived!!!! Yaaaaayyy!!!

My package had come three days ago, one day right before my chromatography exam (╥﹏╥). It such a huge temptation but I can control myself and keep it sealed before I open it after my practical exam is finish!!!

Kinda surprising me actually, that I thought my package will come on late february, but it had reached my home TWO DAYS after the releasing!! Impressing isn’t it?”

DSC02593 compress

I bought it from CDJapan with EMS method shipping and I say I quite satisfied, although it’s officially the most expensive thing I’ve ever buy!! Aish, Indonesian Rupiah’s strenght is really low these years, huh?

Counting how much I want it, how far it imported from, how fast it arrived in my home, and how high the cost (of course [✖﹏✖]), should I crowned it as my best-buy of once-in-a-lifetime??

Now please just finish fast, you, hella’ exams! So I can open my treasure!!!


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