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Dreaming Happy Life

I’ve had much much much much happiness todaaay!!!

In the morning I have to attend talkshow in Mayapada Hospital. It such a great time!! First, because the place is so amazing (first time of my life come to such hospital like that OMG) and I feel like kinda ‘upgraded’ because many experiences we got there. Second, because I met my high school friend there (she’s so cute as always!) and we were chit-chatting and take photo! Third, because I had a great quality time with BEM-J members! (Thanks guys! You are the BEST!!)

Guess which girl am I? Heheheh...
Guess which girl am I? Heheheh…

Second, back from there I decided to go to mall. Well, usually I don’t like malls actually. But don’t know why my feet got me there, and yes, by myself. I always love hanging around by myself because it feels so free! I went to any store as I pleased. I checked the CD store, shoes store, make up & drugs store, accessory & fancy store, and, (of course by any chance) bookstore.

Aaaaand guess what’s in the bookstore? There are k-pop dance battle competition!!!! I always enjoyed dancing as I enjoyed other kinds of art. And seeing them, in キラキラ and unique costumes along with full make up on, dance follow the music, suddenly I just want to burst out of laugh and happiness!! Always always always felt like that if I seeing a moment when people could do what they passionated for independently. Not every people could do what they want to do, you know? So if I seeing somebody doing their passion and interest with full of love and dedication, whatever it is (as long as it’s positive things) simply I burst in happiness too. And for that dancers, they love dancing, sure! I could feel that! So although they seems so shy, I could feeling they’re happy and glad, thus it make me excited too!

And before I back home, there’s a stage in hall (which I don’t notice earlier) and there’s a guy playing some woodwind instruments there! All songs he played flow serenely that make me almost burst out in tears of happiness and joy. I got the flyer about him. Check him out if you please, here! I guaranteed he is soooo good!

So in way back home I think about what is it to be living in happiness. Many people searching hard to get happiness of life. That sometimes in return they couldn’t got the happiness they search but got endless sorrow instead. But actually, there’s a simple thing to be happy. A simplest thing that we already had without we have to search anywhere.

Just be grateful for what you’ve got, and searching for what you haven’t got with sincerity.
Your God knows what the best for you, He had giving you the best, and He will always give you the best.

Thanks for this day Ya Allah. I feel so blessed…

PS: DOMINO! Currently addicted to their songs and listened it all NONSTOP!



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