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先年に、お兄ちゃんの事はなんかいやだーってた。僕は「お姉ちゃんほしい」ーって思った、それはやく十年後の年。でも今、成人になってる、たしかな事は変わてるよ。たとえばお兄ちゃんは僕の事あたたかくなる!さらに、兄ちゃんは僕ためにいろいろ物買ってあげる。優しくてもあたたかくて。だから僕はお兄ちゃんの事「お兄ちゃんになってなぁ」ーって思う。お姉ちゃんいらないって思う♪ お兄ちゃんは僕にいろいろ教えて。彼なしで、僕は今日の僕になれない。 お兄ちゃんありがとう。大好きよ。

My Blabber Side

The Biggest Fear

Dragged to the Inferno by Allah or losing beloved ones, naturally is the biggest fear of human. And I have no diference. But if I asked what my biggest fear, I always answer one. “I’m scared of dead along with my unreveiled thoughts and ideas.” I don’t know, call me self-centered person or something. NOW,… Continue reading The Biggest Fear

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Morning Waltz

The luminescence dance. Glowing between the silent of coldness. Hug the glory of enchanted jingle. Bring life for the dead soul. Usually I loves rain more. But these days I feel loving 7-10 AM’s morning sun. It just…enlighten my mind. I suddenly got these desire to having a driving course. It really exciting and helpful… Continue reading Morning Waltz

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Vibrant Color

It was cloudy and pretty tiring today but my mind shine bright like there was birds singing wherever I turn my head. Anyway…. Asked to edited my friend’s photo with app that first time I knew! Well, I’m not smartphone user so, you know what I mean? And asked by a friend to sketch her… Continue reading Vibrant Color

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Membangun, bukan Menjatuhkan

Saya mendapat ilham untuk menulis ini (like it was, BUZZ!! I GOT REVELATIOOONNN~~~ #heavenly backsound) setelah saya capek hati dengan keadaan yang saya lihat di tivi. Bukannya saya tertarik dengan dunia politik atau apa. Saya hanya merasa peduli sama Indonesia, thus I want to know better about my own country, termasuk dari sistem sosial politiknya… Continue reading Membangun, bukan Menjatuhkan