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Heart Remedy Part II

With some quirky outfit I’m on today, (Chiffon skirt, lace blouse, backpack, socks, and running shoes) I found many people stare and laugh over me secretly. But instead of annoyed or ashamed, I feel so delight! Why? I often get annoyed if I see bunch of people got the same way and catched by the stream just because they afraid of what other people would say. And apparently so many people are not brave to express themselves and easily accuse others whom express different way with them. BUT, luckily I’m not one of those ‘mainstream’ people. Heheheh…

That’s why I always respect ‘eccentric’ people (like the artists, for example, you know what I mean). Because being different is not easy but it always make us relieved. Be what you wanted and be what you really are! If you want to do something, just do it! Shut the ears about what people would say to you!

By the way, I went self-hanging-out again today, aaand…..

I bought these!!

Command cap? Captain Cap? Don't know what's the name of this cap for sure...
Command cap? Captain Cap? Don’t know what’s the name of this cap for sure…

Cute-cut-off-bear paterned socks!!
Cute-cut-off-bear paterned socks!!

And guess what mother brought me today?


With such the delightfulness, I think I can survive for few days ahead. Heheheh

PS: This song’s melody played like an endless rewinded cassette in my head this entire day…


2 thoughts on “Heart Remedy Part II

  1. I totally agree with you! It’s always better to be the odd, albeit fabulous, one out!! 😉


    1. And the most important one, COMFORTABLE! I mean if we forced ourself to being odd and different but we have no confidenve thus comfortable about ourselves, then It won’t working too, right?

      Anyway, thanks for your visit and comment 🙂


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