My Blabber Side

Apparently, Humans are Expert Chameleons

It’s strange.

Music used to be my life since very long time. It’s like I can’t life a day without it. It’s my oxygen. It’s my blood, It’s could boost my day either fall it. Since junior high school days, I fall in love with it thus I always turn on my computer or laptop or radio tape just for push the playlist all day long. And when I got my very first MP3 and earphone, it’s like heaven had falling to me. And if either my earphone or music player broke, my heart also aches like it had been a part of me broke.

But nowadays it seems not same already. My earphone had broke from sacha’ 2 months ago but I don’t seems really bothered about cannot hear the music in my ears. I don’t even feel like touch my guitar. And when I finally bought new earphone, it’s not heaven-go-down-to-earth feeling anymore when I hit the ‘play’ button. I don’t even excite on surfing through my music list again.

Feels like there’s something about me had changed.
Or something inside me had broken.
Honestly, it such a big and sad loss for me. But I don’t even seems bothered. It really confusing actually…

So I think if there’s something or someone that you think you can’t life without, simply it’s not really true. Human’s heart are complicated, it changes everytime. Once you used to be away from something, you might feel don’t need it anymore. No matter how big your love for it before.

What I really wish now is, please Ya Allah, don’t let it happens to me for my love of art and literature. Those are my life. Those are my true love. But I’ve forced to keep myself away from that. I hope nothing change.


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