My Blabber Side

The Biggest Fear

Dragged to the Inferno by Allah or losing beloved ones, naturally is the biggest fear of human. And I have no diference. But if I asked what my biggest fear, I always answer one.

“I’m scared of dead along with my unreveiled thoughts and ideas.”

I don’t know, call me self-centered person or something. NOW, I’m alive, taking breath constantly, healthy, without any lackness (alhamdulillah) but still, there’s so many things in my minds that I haven’t revealed yet. My “Aha!” moment, my innovations, my painting-vision, my imagination, my designs, my un-lyriced melodies, everything that I produce on my own inside this benign thing called ‘Brain’.

That’s why I keep writing here constantly no matter how numb my finger and how heavy my eyes, because, beside of blog-addicted, I want to reveal all I got inside my mind. Who knows tommorow I would still alive to write? Who knows it’s my last night? Because, no matter if you’re Hipparcus or Thomas Alfa Edison or Karl Marx, you can’t change the world if you take your inventions die with you, without anyone else know. It will be useless, no matter how briliant it is.

So that’s my point. It’s not about chasing fame or name or things, but for the shake of improving the surroundings.

So guys, PLEASE SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS AND INVENTIONS. God make every human with certain intention and you don’t want to die without leaving any signs, do you?

PS: Had a great quality time with BEM-J members today! YOU GUYS ALWAYS THE BEST!!



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