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Book Review : Princess, Bajak Laut, & Alien

Title : Princess, Bajak Laut, & Alien Author : Clara Ng & Icha Rahmanti Pages : 355 Publisher : Plotpoint, November 2013 Had been a while since my last book review, it isn’t? Sebenernya udah dari lama saya beli buku ini, but feels like my campus life took all of my own life thus I’m… Continue reading Book Review : Princess, Bajak Laut, & Alien

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Old Tunes

Between the stacks of assignment to be done, I accidentally drawn out books I use to write my songs and sang it all until I’ve run out the voice. I’ve been wrote song since Junior High so glad to know I still remember all the melodies. I use English since my very first song until… Continue reading Old Tunes

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More, and More, and More

Had a family dinner today (well, since it’s already 2 AM, should I say yesterday?) and father let me drove the car in the way back!! Eventhough it already near the home, I was too excited! Heheheh.. PS: It’s funny that sometimes little cute things can brighten you day, eh? PS again: The day before… Continue reading More, and More, and More

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Either Depp or Burton

If I asked who is my favorite actor, without even some persecond necessary to think, obviously I would say JOHNNY DEPP. For his all-out act, for his one-of-a-kind characters, for his-own-speciality gestures, for his ability to living the film, for being so quirky and eccentric in his own way. I LOVE HIM. And if I… Continue reading Either Depp or Burton