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Someone You Don’t Know

I ALWAYS hear something like “WOA!! YOU’VE BEING A GIRLY GIRL NOW, HUH?!” When I met my high school friends, and I just could deal the words with short laugh.

I always been unpredictable kinda person, overflowed with spontanity and independence. And it really reflected from what I wear everyday. You can tell whenever I wear t-shirt and sneakers or skirt and lace blouse or dress and wedges or rumpled pajamas. I can change my image and be different person so quickly just like that. So there’s not any CHANGE. There’s just certain mood. Yes, people, MOOD. And it’s happens from very looooooong time ago even since we were not met yet.

So when they said I’ve changed so “girly” or “feminine” just NOW, phuh, it proved that still they don’t know who I really am to know my other sides as well. To know that I can ALAKAZAM-ing myself of being different-type looking person. To know that I’ve sometimes being like ‘that’ since we already met for the first time!

I.JUST.WARN.YOU : I’m not an easy person to understand. LOL

PS: Gotta held the first BEM-J meeting with me as the Project in Chief tomorrow! Wish the ultimate luck!!!!


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