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Doing Boy’s Bussiness

I helped father repairing TV’s today! My father is sucha specialist for every electronics and engineering things. TV, Fan, Computer, Car, Motorcycle, Electric Installation, water installation, ‘Elpiji’, just name it! He can repair anything!

To be honest, I’ve been studying Electronics for three years of my high school days but seems like the lesson just fading away right after school final practical exam. realizing I don’t know anything about the electronic component, even the name, just like my knowledge back from the zero again, just wandering “So what I’ve been learning for sucha years passed, huh?”

But apparently doing something like this could be exciting sometimes. I can handle on soldering the components of electical circuit (the ONE and ONLY thing I got from my so-so electronica lesson) so he often command me to “Solder here, solder there, set the bolt, work the compressor on.” and maaaaaany things.

And finally I could feel the happiness when broken thing that we had work out on can run out as it should be. Now I able to understand you better, Father.



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