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More, and More, and More

Had a family dinner today (well, since it’s already 2 AM, should I say yesterday?) and father let me drove the car in the way back!! Eventhough it already near the home, I was too excited! Heheheh..

PS: It’s funny that sometimes little cute things can brighten you day, eh?
PicMonkey Collage2

PS again: The day before yesterday I accompanied mother went to fabric shopping and tell me what to do with this….

PS AGAIN!!: For the second time, I just can’t resist their charm and temptation, like “aaarrggh…it dazzled my eyes!!” So I gave up (you hear that, Mr. Mitsumura? I.GAVE.UP.UPON.YOU) and I WILL BUY THE LIMITED VERSION! APOSTROPHE!

Tenchi Gaeshi Single
Tenchi Gaeshi Single

    I’m such a weak girl towards them…. TTT__TTT

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