My Blabber Side


NEVER EVER SAID “What you want is not always the best for you.” to me. NEVER.

For some people, it’s true. But some other, it cause the think what we’ve already got is the dead end while actually it’s not. We can reach more, we can get the true of ourselves.

I’m sure some of freshly-highschool-graduate students are having some problem like me. You know yourself, you know who you are, you know what you want, what’s your best, what your goal, and had set it up so clearly that you can almost see your line when other people still not wondering themselves yet. But after arrange all the bits so neatly, it’s all change by one and another distraction.

If it’s not too late yet, let me tell you guys, NEVER LET ANYONE RULE YOUR LIFE.

Sometimes, some people, your dearest one, forced you to change everything. The first thing you have to do: ASK YOURSELF. Do it really sounds nice to you? How could you seems handle it? Would that ruin your life or not? Would it torture you? If you have all negative answer, than think back your own plan. Are you really sure about that? Could you prove them what you’ll get from it? And the most important, is that bring the peace for your soul?

Everybody will say the same, trust me. They will say they just want the best for you. But you are the one who know who you are. And they? They’re just stranger for your truly self! Is true they want the best for you, but they forced you to do it on their own way, not yours. However, you’re the driver of your life.

So if it’s not too late, just ignore them and do it on your way. At the first they won’t make deal for you. Even, sometimes it need thousand years. But if you really sure about it, you just have to go along. Slowly, they will see. You don’t have to be so miserable or feel bad. You’re in the right way. Because, trust me, there’s nothing worst feeling than forced to do what you don’t want to do, and in exchange, you can’t do your real passion nor express yourself. Your soul would get its wound. And if this really happen, that people even won’t realize it, you have to struggling alone in the end, wobbly.

But if it’s too late (like me, eh?) and no matter what you do, you can’t overcome the unbearable tortured feeling, like it’s all not what you meant to be, you can always make your own way back to your formerly plan. Don’t hear what they say about “What you want is not always the best for you”, that shitty words will stuck you and kill you in the end. Keep believing that your God knows you the best. So really best that He won’t let you doing things that torture and give you unbearable pain for your entire life.

One more thing that I believe: In the end, people in the world always chasing their talent and interest as the goals. Working what you have to work and working what you love is different. You might be a high-positioned bussiness woman, but if genuinely you love teaching more than anything, the success itself can’t be the same. Your soul will always search more and more.

In fact, every great people becoming that brilliant because they love what they do. They not forced, they not tortured, they not feel wounded.

If you sure about your goals, don’t let “What you want is not always the best for you” dictate your life. Crush it and build you own.



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