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Old Tunes

Between the stacks of assignment to be done, I accidentally drawn out books I use to write my songs and sang it all until I’ve run out the voice. I’ve been wrote song since Junior High so glad to know I still remember all the melodies. I use English since my very first song until now (and guess I exploring Japanese and Bahasa Indonesia quite often nowadays?) but hey, just realized my English was ever that worst….. I still think my english is suck now, so quite relieved to know apparently now it sounds better.

And I found one thing. I used to be so positive songwriter in the past. Mostly my starter songs sounds like cheering life, forget-the-sorrow-and-get-the-happiness, move-on-and-go-on, that sort of things. But as I growing up, I used to writing the lyric without thinking. The song and lyric done just like that, but when I read, it holds the deepest emotion and feeling inside me. My friend ever said to me, lyrics that written without thinking and flowing-just-like-that usually being the most honest one. Yeah it is. Even, it sounds so true that I burst in tears when I sing it. So reality.

If we just think it short, it feels like the more we grown up, the more we realize that world is not nice anymore and life becoming so hard. But well, apparently that’s not true. I think happiness and sorrow comes in one complete package. You can’t just get one of it. You have to get both in a balance dosage. Certainly.

PS: Speaking song, this is certainly my current addictive right now that I used to play non-stop.


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