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Jakarta Book Fair 2014 Haul

Two days ago, in public holiday, I went to Jakarta Book Fair and I can’t take control of myself. My bibliophil disease had becoming more and more acute… Err… Let me explain a little, yes? WolfSangel Actually I’ve read it before. But since it my friend’s and I’m not finished it yet, aaaand, it set… Continue reading Jakarta Book Fair 2014 Haul

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Book Review : The Da Vinci Code

Tittle : The Da Vinci Code Author : Dan Brown Translator : Isma B. Koesalamwardi Pages : 632 Pages Publisher : Serambi, Juni 2006 Di tengah marathon laporan praktikum, sempet-sempetnya saya nulis beginian. Saya pernah dapet pertanyaan dari seorang teman yang menjadi stalker blog saya (“Kamu pernah baca buku X? Kok nggak pernah di-review di… Continue reading Book Review : The Da Vinci Code

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Life Saver

Anyway, amid my meeting-after-meeting-after-meeting rush as a part of campus council (which I enjoyed far more than my duties as a chem and pharmacy student), grateful for given chance to becoming myself by doing what I want to do at least once per week. Like foolhardy book hunting. Now that I’ve been run out the… Continue reading Life Saver

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Die In The Name Of Roses

May die, may die, thou díere Princess. By thy rósen thou slaept. May rósen, may rósen, thou díere Princess. By thy petals thou téars swept. REST IN PEACE, PRINCESS. PS: When both the lecture and lecturer start to piss you off and you can’t take it anymore and decide to not pay attention anymore and… Continue reading Die In The Name Of Roses

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Mozart Struck

The day before yesterday I went to vintage cassete store with mother and while mother got her country songs, I got these!! Actually, classic and baroque composers that I love to the moon and back is Tchaikovsky, Handel, Pachelbel, and Chopin. I’m not really set my ears on Mozart and Beethoven. I’ve usually find their… Continue reading Mozart Struck