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To Be A Good Leader

It written on my ‘One Hundred Hope’ list, one year ago but still fresh on my mind as if it just written today:

Number 70: BE A GOOD LEADER.

And just a few month ago I chosen as a Project Leader of the biggest event on the campus council. At first, I felt like spechless whether I could fulfill their expectations or not. Sometimes being trusted is both nice and frighten, believe it? But I learnt that God always had hudreds even millions unpredictable ways to come true our wishes.

And one more that I learnt. To be a good leader, it’s not about those cliche-but-true like being firm, discipline, fast-thinker, choice-maker, sort of things. It’s about how we build the bond with our fellows. The emotional bonds. I often sending an encourage messages to my event coordinators after asking their progress, I let them ask and say anything in their mind related to the matters, I ask how was their day, whether the lecture goes smooth or not, I give them my trust to the max point, simply I tried to be so close with them that they won’t treat me as just their leader, but their close friend or even their older sister. And they become so cooperative! They do every tasks and duties soooo effectively, and when I was down by my throat-inflammatory sickness but I had to held a coordinators meeting, they become so helpful and give anything that we need so the meeting goes smooth!

I don’t intend to boast myself, I just think that’s the main point that our leaders had to realize. Being leader is not about theoretical value of authority, but it’s about how to build emotional bond with the fellows. By exchanging the trust, the leader and his/her fellows could not be a band of people but a great team!


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