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An Attempt

It’s true that I love fashion as I treasured it as one of kind of art. Especially, when it’s comes to fashion design. Then sometimes this random thought comes to me that I want to live this blog as a fashion blogger. Strange, huh? But, in the same time, the ideas of becoming fashion blogger sounds to me that I can only fill the blog related to fashion posts and had my life swirling around in the name of fashion, I don’t like it. It would feels I lose my independence.

Told me anything, but I don’t have enough courage to dedicated myself for it. It would feels I’m totally go out from my comfort zone and I’m not ready yet, it embarassed me.

Besides, I am still a pure nerd who dying over books and loves to watch news about politic and environment.





But it will no harm if I do this once in a while, yes? Claimed ‘fashion blogger’ is frightens me, but if it as ‘whatever blogger’ I would do it with pleasure.


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