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Why There is “Shop” Word on the Photoshop?

Found myself addicted on tickling every details parts of photoshop. Well, I never been good at it. But some attempt help me to understand more. Hehehe…. Some trial on Miwa. Heheheh If you have more experience on PSD or some place to have a good tutorial, just tell me on the comment below! I would… Continue reading Why There is “Shop” Word on the Photoshop?

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Book Review : The Night Circus

Tittle : The Night Circus Author : Erin Morgenstern Translator : Berliani M. Nugrahani Publisher : Mizan, Januari 2013 Pages : 610 pages Buku termahal yang saya beli di Jakarta Book Fair kemarin, (iya termahal, cuma 30K :D). Actually I was finished it kinda soooo yesterday, tapi saya lagi mood jadi akhirnya saya review juga.… Continue reading Book Review : The Night Circus

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The Art of Finding A Purpose

Jadi sekarang, setelah sekian lama, biarkan saya curcol nonsense lagi di sini (yang walau memang udah sering saya lakukan) tapi dengan bahasa Ibu saya sendiri. Awalnya, saya agak ragu mengungkapkannya, bahkan saat menulis ini pun saya masih ragu. Tapi sedikit banyak saya mulai percaya. Walau hanya setitik, tidak jadi soal. Mungkin sudah begitu seringnya saya… Continue reading The Art of Finding A Purpose

My Chaotic Philosophy

(Another) Equalism

One of my friend said to me: “Somehow, I can see you are a typical person who could get the best of everything if you’re really involved in. You have talent on almost everything and if only you give your focus, you can master almost EVERYTHING. And it’s makes me jealous of you sometimes.” Which… Continue reading (Another) Equalism