My Blabber Side


Me: Mother, I made up the practical exam so well today.
Mother: Is that so? Alhamdulillah..
Me: But I ruin the previous practical exams and I officially have to take remedials tomorrow and the next week.
Mother : And you think those are matters?

Many times I feel blessed because my mother is so understanding in this case. She always knows that I had give my everything to make it work eventhough I hate it and tortured to the core (but of course she doesn’t know that part). Yet I just think of it, it’s always going like this. ‘That’ times when I say to her that I’m not doing great on my study, she always give short reply but beckon that she proud of me for I tried to did it with all my might whatever the results are. And again, when I stressed over my exams and feel sick of endless learn and studies, she always said “Then just stop it and close your book for you had it enough already. You don’t have to overthinking it.” She knows my campus life is not easy at all and she never ask me for more, like an amazing magnificent marvelous result.

It’s somehow make my tears and pains and hurt and frustrations and sickness, is all worth it.

Thank you Mother. I love you and I always always always always do.


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