My Blabber Side

What’s In Recently

1. 5 of 6 of my practical exams almost done and in the near three days I would’ve been in (temporary) Ied holiday. Preparing two weeks of recharging before face the last one in early August. It’s not over yet….

2. Finally got my very first Driving License! Now I am a legal car driver!! YAAYY!!!

3. The world cup is over and I looooove the fact that Manuel Neuer got Golden Gloves. He’s really worth it, you know?

4. Remember the review competition I told earlier? I won it!!!! Then I got 100K voucher and I used it to buy National.Is.Me by Pandji Pragiwaksono and Your Journey to be the Ultimate U by Rene Suhardono. Happy!!!

5. Having 6 unread books left, I getting start to spend almost all of my time to read. One book after another. How I feel alive now.

6. About to start writing again after such a long time. Just realize I miss the atmosphere when imagination, passion, and art of words blend into one. It feels so magical yet relaxing.

7. This is nonsense, but I fall in love with Mitsumura Tatsuya AGAIN. He’s always kind of nostalgia for me that reminds me of my free time before transferred into current college, in which THAT time, I was able to learn what I want to learn, do what I want to do, and being the most genuine version of myself. How I miss Tatsuya and how I miss that time.


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