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SPYAIR Newsbreak

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I getting nonsense post by post I know, but just got heartbreaking news somewhere.

I know IKE’s health is not in the good condition. He had acute bronchitis, but, I just know it also comes along with chorditis and vocal cord polyp! And now SPYAIR is just like semi-hiatus which reports from them is zero. And IKE had girlfriend (oh THIS fangirl’s problem) but its OK for me as long as there’s SPYAIR but IKE said too that he think of quitting the band.

And now the life of SPYAIR depends on IKE’s health.

The life of my lifesaver is not safe anymore °(ಗдಗ。)°

For you SPYAIR fans, please to support them!


2 thoughts on “SPYAIR Newsbreak

    1. I found it on the spyair tumblr fansite that seems I can’t find it anywhere now, so sorry I cannot provide you the link 😦
      And about the ‘had’ part LOL sorry I mean ‘have’, a common fingerslip, please forgive me Q__Q but who knows it now had or have now? heheh, since SPYAIR is now active again and my whole life seems like saved by then (oh thanks God thanks God TT~TT)


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