My Blabber Side

Finally, People!!

All of my practical exams, I mean ALL OF THEM, has ended TO~DAAAYY~. Fufufufu…..

When I think about it, still I cannot believe. Three months of daily study and practical and three months of exams. So six months in total of endless struggle, with tears, sweat, pains, tortureness, nervousness, tireness, anxiety, every hardness of facing my life. Now that semester, THAT hardest semester, had been over. Somehow, I don’t know why, maybe I’ve just used to feel nervous and anxious that I feeling overheart, so now after it’s all over, still my mind and feeling doesn’t feel relax much.

Now I officially in free day holiday, (which is not ‘free’ for totally much because still campus organization bussinesses waiting ahead) and I just thinking of spending time mostly with sleeping and relaxing. My rest time is on the deficit level, for you know.

Anyway, I promised myself to buy this after my exams is all over, so this evening, right away back from the campus, I dropped on CD shop and I bought this!!!!

The Hunting Party album by LINKIN PARK!!!

Feel so grateful.

Thank You Ya Allah, I never been able to overcome this if it is not Your help. Thank You for everything.



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