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Day to Remember

The more I think about life, the more I don’t understand. I thought there is a reason behind everything, but sometimes one by one things occur and we do not even see the pattern of it. Laugh, cry, angry, shy, agony. Sometimes so hard to follow the changes of emotions.


Have you ever asking, what you’ve been born for? Why you have to living the life and make it on your own? Or simply have you ever asked, what is the life itself?


Had been living for 20 years, I think I would get to know everything someday. But somehow why do I feeling I don’t even get it?
“Should I or should not I?” is one of question that haunting my mind on never ending regulation.


As the life goes by, I hope I will get wiser. Am I get wiser? Can I get wiser? How to get wiser?


PS: Today, (well, since it already 1.40 AM, should I say, yesterday?) a sweet gift from Oh la Vintage arrived, and I got an adorable skirt!! Yaayy!!! I impressed by how good the quality is, and how beauty it even seen directly. Nicely made upon my expectation! You should try ’em, they provide nice vintage outfits with a good quality!


Ps again: It’s the first time of my life, applied the eyeliner on my eyes, and by myself!! There, there, can you see?



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