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The Hunting Party



Actually I wanted to review the songs of the album, one by one. But I ended up too lazy to do anything. So let me say few words about it.

Somehow I can’t figure out the album. The hunting Party sounds less framed for my ears. I do love heavy metal dan screamo songs, but I prefer to the melodical one, not a raw-and-real screamo. So to say, I more likely the past Linkin Park typical songs. With the melodical rap, vocal, and scream blended altogether beautifully.

For the album, I love Final Masquerade, Rebellion, Until It’s Gone, War, Guilty All the Same, Wasteland. I’m okay with Mark the Graves, All For Nothing, and thus the rest… I don’t really get it.


I always love their lyrics. From their beginning until now, always so meaningful built with sharp methapors and keen words. Their song are priceless, if we able to see those beneath.

Because music taste is more to personal and relatively different according to the person, how many stars I give, it doesn’t matter. May I say this for thousand times, that I’m growing up listening Linkin Park. So they are always be in my A-list of musician, no matter what.


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