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Wishlist Number #70

It’s obvious for me now. When you are chosen as a leader, it means that you have to dive yourself in the middle of so many people.





And because more people means more opinions to face, no matter how hard you tried the best, there are always people who mock you, stab you, make fun of you. Just because they are not satisfied of what you had done.




However, it’s a free world! Everyone allowed to have their own opinion, so it’s up to them. But despite to satisfied or dissatisfied your people, being a leader means you have to think over what’s the best of everyone. That the point.


Never let them freakin’ you out! Just stay focus!



PS: I always adore how boys wear oversized shirt and look amazingly cool with it. So when oniichan is not home, I tried to sliding his wardrobe to grab some great oversized shirt! See, this dark brown corduroy shirt is belong to him! And still so many great piece in his wardrobe to go! Just can’t wait another time to play with them!


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