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Mood Fixed with the Strings

Not sure if I’m too creative or too shallow to leave alone my tasks and assignments behind and doing this instead, but, yeah, I serve you ANOTHER VIDEO~~!! [INSERT HEAVENLY BACKSOUND HERE].

This time I just grab out my guitar and make the list of songs part I want to play and I just did it right away! Without holly-crap-I’m-not-do-it-perfectly-I-have-to-repeated-it-all-over-again part! NO!

About the quality, well it can’t be changed so just skip over it, but I don’t really had any intentions to make this video become well-made or what, so I edited it as simple as I could! And soooo sorry I just can’t came up with the better skill. I think I’m a forever-lame person for music (eventhough I’m a passionate).

Anyway, that silly parts on the end, doing those is apparently soooo refreshing, I just know! I have to do it more often!!

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50 Facts About Me

It sooooo happening on Instagram lately and I think it would be verrrry interesting if I make similar post here! FYI, it’s originally 20 facts only, but I extend it to 50 because I love to do it a lot. But before I start, I warn you to beware, it’s gonna be about ME and ME and ME and JUST ME talk! But if you want to know more about me as well, let’s check check!


  1. I am a proud Introvert.

  2. I’m obsessed with everything about Alice in Wonderland, especially Mad Hatter.

  3. When I’m stressed, I tend to fangirling more. When I’m happy, I tend to socialize more.

  4. I drink water A LOT.

  5. I’m unpredictable, even for me myself.

  6. I can’t handle too many social media and tend to focus on only one.

  7. Currently suffering acute insomnia.

  8. Had laziness, moodiness, and sleepyhead as B-type person at its best.

  9. Art and literature are my life goals.

  10. Interested in pschychology, mythology, entrepreneurship, politic, and fashion business.

  11. I love silver and formerly loves purple too but I bit to pink lately. And I love any color paired with black but not the black stand alone.

  12. Began write song since 14 years old and now the song list had go on twenty-something. But never played even one of them in front of ‘real’ people. Check my soundcloud if you want to listen a few of them.

  13. I love wolf, as you can see…

  14. I can’t resist cuteness. That’s my lethal point.

  15. I love coffe and milk and tea and I hate syrup.

  16. I’m panicked easily.

  17. I’m suffer clausthrophobia, siren-phobia, and cockroach-phobia, and the last one is acute and incureable.

  18. My favorite designers is Tex Saverio, Sebastian Gunawan, and Ted Baker. (Wait, Ted Baker is not designer? Who cares, I love his clothes anyway)

  19. I love rain and I hate sunny day.

  20. I love Japan-ish thing. The culture, the anime, the music, the fashion, the language, everything!

  21. This is shame, but I eat junkfood, but I’m also a picky junkfood eater.

  22. My favorite actor is Johnny Depp and my favorite actress is…. I think I don’t have one.

  23. LINKIN PARK, Simple Plan, SPYAIR, and NICO Touches the Walls are my most most most most favorite bands ever!!

  24. I have one younger and older brother.

  25. I’m not really a gamer as my bros, but I completed all stage of Guitar Hero 1, 2, 3, and the easy mode of Fatal Frame II and that’s kind of lifetime achievement for me.

  26. I dislike the real banana fruit, but I love foods with banana flavour.

  27. I am a noddle freak.

  28. Eventhough I love to travel and discovering new places, I’m weak at memorizing directions so get lost is literally a common thing for me.

  29. Sometimes my ignorance level is on the extreme rate, and sometimes I overthinking about anything, as well as unpredictable I am.

  30. Stay focus is extremely hard thing for me.

  31. I have guitar named Harlequinaeon, laptop named Ryota-kun, calculator named Silver, and mobile phone named Blackcherry. Basically I love to naming all my stuffs.

  32. I typing fast.

  33. Related to art and stories, basically I love the darker more. Bubbly-flowery-colourfully-vibrant-cheerful-bright drawing sometimes hurt my eyes and I love dark fantasy and dark characters more.

  34. I grown up reading Enyd Blyton’s books. “Famous Five: Five on The Treasure Island” is my first book when I still struggling about how to read on 6 years old.

  35. I’m addicted to internet.

  36. I love doll. Especially a brown Teddy Bear.

  37. I laugh and grin a lot. Even with the most dying humor.

  38. I’m scared of big amount of water. So just NEVER EVER bring me diving or snorkelling. And DON’T let my sight down below to the sea or ocean if we are currently in airing plane or ship.

  39. I’m scared of blood.

  40. I loved spicy food.

  41. I wear glasses and I love to spend my time alone at campus library, well, right, I am a nerd.

  42. I like to talking to myself. I think myself is the most great discussing friend.

  43. I colour my hair blue-black twice but both are fail #pity

  44. I tend to hide my social media accounts from my ‘real’ friend because of some introvert reasons.

  45. I can’t walk slowly. I tend to walk fast or even running. So if you once find me walking so slow, it only means I’m terribly tired or currently want to enjoy every second of my life.

  46. I do well on public speaking, but truth to be told, I can only share my mind most clearly through writing, not speaking.

  47. I love keycharm with tiny bell.

  48. Because of my father’s diabetes issue that more likely passed to me, I really want to claimed that “I DON’T EAT SWEETS” but apparently I can’t, so, yes, I still consume sugar and sweets but on the limited amount.

  49. I was a keeper for my class girl futsal team on high school continously and my speciality is face-to-face on penalty.

  50. My favorite tree is pine and my favorite flowers are chrysant, wisteria, and black rose.


So, well, that’s all!! I hope you don’t get sick because so many “Me” and “My” and “I” here. Besides, I love to doing it anyway, so don’t forget to tag me if you have one! And the last, I TAG YOU ALL to do this on your blog! Then please kindly link me down below on the comment because I want to know more about you guys too!

Anyway anyway, follow my Instagram, pretty please??


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Gimme’ Back My Wonderland

So sorry I don’t manage to write here for a looong looong time. I would totally blame for the connection, but in the end I know it’s just my lackness. I don’t believe just in this past two weeks: faced so many troubles, got connected in so many people, settled all the bussiness and tasks, I still breathe and survived now. It’s not over yet, but I could feel that I have myself upgraded. This is the perks of struggle through all the problems.

But I can’t lie that mind the real life businesses is sick for me that I’m almost reach my limit. I miss read a book, drawing, write stories, or simply daydreaming. I need my imaginations comeback.

Anyway, currently having worst insomnia in this past months plus added with fever and flu and cough, I need my bedtime too. I’m not really a nap person, but I think I’ll have it right after posting this. Hehe..

PS: I REALLY need to watch Mockingjay in my life.