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Mood Fixed with the Strings

Not sure if I’m too creative or too shallow to leave alone my tasks and assignments behind and doing this instead, but, yeah, I serve you ANOTHER VIDEO~~!! [INSERT HEAVENLY BACKSOUND HERE]. This time I just grab out my guitar and make the list of songs part I want to play and I just did… Continue reading Mood Fixed with the Strings

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50 Facts About Me

It sooooo happening on Instagram lately and I think it would be verrrry interesting if I make similar post here! FYI, it’s originally 20 facts only, but I extend it to 50 because I love to do it a lot. But before I start, I warn you to beware, it’s gonna be about ME and… Continue reading 50 Facts About Me

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Gimme’ Back My Wonderland

So sorry I don’t manage to write here for a looong looong time. I would totally blame for the connection, but in the end I know it’s just my lackness. I don’t believe just in this past two weeks: faced so many troubles, got connected in so many people, settled all the bussiness and tasks,… Continue reading Gimme’ Back My Wonderland