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Gimme’ Back My Wonderland

So sorry I don’t manage to write here for a looong looong time. I would totally blame for the connection, but in the end I know it’s just my lackness. I don’t believe just in this past two weeks: faced so many troubles, got connected in so many people, settled all the bussiness and tasks, I still breathe and survived now. It’s not over yet, but I could feel that I have myself upgraded. This is the perks of struggle through all the problems.

But I can’t lie that mind the real life businesses is sick for me that I’m almost reach my limit. I miss read a book, drawing, write stories, or simply daydreaming. I need my imaginations comeback.

Anyway, currently having worst insomnia in this past months plus added with fever and flu and cough, I need my bedtime too. I’m not really a nap person, but I think I’ll have it right after posting this. Hehe..

PS: I REALLY need to watch Mockingjay in my life.


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