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Mood Fixed with the Strings

Not sure if I’m too creative or too shallow to leave alone my tasks and assignments behind and doing this instead, but, yeah, I serve you ANOTHER VIDEO~~!! [INSERT HEAVENLY BACKSOUND HERE].

This time I just grab out my guitar and make the list of songs part I want to play and I just did it right away! Without holly-crap-I’m-not-do-it-perfectly-I-have-to-repeated-it-all-over-again part! NO!

About the quality, well it can’t be changed so just skip over it, but I don’t really had any intentions to make this video become well-made or what, so I edited it as simple as I could! And soooo sorry I just can’t came up with the better skill. I think I’m a forever-lame person for music (eventhough I’m a passionate).

Anyway, that silly parts on the end, doing those is apparently soooo refreshing, I just know! I have to do it more often!!


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